Party and mass discipline inspection

Complaint reporting

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Dispatch discipline inspection team

Complaint reporting 

I. Scope of accepting reports:  

1.To report and charge Party organizations and Party members for violations of Party discipline, such as political discipline, organizational discipline, integrity discipline, mass discipline, work discipline, and life discipline。

2.Objects of supervision (six categories of public officials as stipulated in the Supervision Law,Do not perform their duties according to law,Violation of the rules on impartiality, integrity in political affairs, and moral conduct,Corruption and bribery, abuse of power, dereliction of duty, rent-seeking of power, transfer of benefits, favoritism and fraud, waste of state assets and other illegal and criminal activities。

3.Appeals submitted by Party members who refuse to accept Party discipline sanctions or other actions taken by discipline inspection authorities。

4.A complaint filed by the object of supervision against the handling decision of the supervisory organ involving himself;Complaints submitted by the person under investigation and his close relatives against acts of the supervisory organ and its staff that violate laws and regulations and infringe upon the lawful rights and interests of the person under investigation。

5.A complaint filed within the time limit for refusal to accept the disciplinary sanctions and other handling decisions made by the original administrative supervision organ。

6.Criticism and suggestions on the construction of Party conduct, clean government and anti-corruption work。

The following complaints shall not be accepted:

.According to law, it has been, is being or should be resolved through litigation, arbitration, administrative ruling or administrative reconsideration。

.In accordance with relevant provisions, it falls within the scope of duties of other organs or units。

.Only list the names of violations of discipline, duty violations and crimes, and no substantive charges。

2. Supervise reporting methods

1.Write to report。Address: Room 2518, East Tower, Hubei National Exhibition Center Plaza, 26 Sixin Avenue, Hanyang District, Wuhan, Hubei Province Hubei Trading Group Discipline Inspection Commission dispatched discipline inspection group (ZIP code:430050

2.Telephone report。Call report:027-87574920  

3.Network reporting。Report Email:hbjtjw01 

Real-name reporting is advocated to facilitate discipline inspection and supervision staff to verify the content of reporting and feedback on the handling of the situation。The complainant must be responsible for the truth of the facts reported, charged or complained。If there are acts of framing or fabricating false evidence, they will bear disciplinary and legal responsibilities。 


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