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Jianghan Ten Bridge project cross-river main bridge construction monitoring project bidding announcement

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Bidding Number:HBJT-HJSQJSGS-230561001

1.Tender conditions

Jianghan Ten Bridge project cross-river main bridge construction monitoring project, the tender is Hubei Hanjiang Ten Bridge Construction Management Co., LTD., the bidding agent is Hubei Huatong Engineering Consulting Co., LTD。The project has met the bidding conditions, and now the project is subject to public bidding。

2.Project overview and bidding scope

2.1 Project Overview

Jianghan No. 10 Bridge and its connection project is located between Jianghan No. 5 Bridge (Changfeng Bridge) and Jianghan No. 6 Bridge (Gutian Bridge), and Hanyang Bank connects with Budwe Road, and Hankou Bank connects with Gutian No. 1 Road, which is the tenth passage across the Han River planned by Wuhan City。The main bridge is a simple supported steel box basket arch bridge with a main span of 380m, with a total length of 390m and a standard floor width of 41.5m。The first link of Hanyang side beach approach bridge is 50m+65m+45.5m steel box continuous beam, spanning Zhiyin Avenue and Hanyang bank embankment, beam width 38m ~ 42.981m。The first link of Hankou beach land approach bridge is 40.5m+45m+45m steel box continuous beam, beam width 36.378m~41.5m;The second joint uses 45m+75m+55m steel box continuous beams across Hankou bank embankment, beam width 34m ~ 36.375m。

2.2 Scope of bidding

Scope of tender:The whole construction process of Jianghan No. 10 Bridge across the river was monitored in real time to provide technical parameters for the safe and smooth closure of the bridge during construction。The specific technical and commercial requirements are detailed in Chapter 5 of the project bidding document。

The budget of this bid section: 2.21 million yuan。

Duration (delivery period, service period) : tentatively 730 calendar days, from the signing of the contract to the completion of the main bridge completion test。


3.Bidder qualification requirements

3.The minimum qualifications required by the bidders in this tender are set out in the appendix to the tender announcement。

3.2 This tender (not accepted) consortium bid。

3.3. The project is divided into 1 bid section, each bidder can bid for a maximum of 1 bid section;Each bidder is allowed to win 1 bid。

3.Units that have an interest relationship with the tenderer and may affect the fairness of the tender shall not participate in the tender。If the person in charge of the unit is the same person or there is a holding and management relationship between different units, they shall not participate in the bidding of the same tender section, otherwise, the relevant bids are invalid。

4.Acquisition of bidding documents

4.1 Any bidder (in the case of a consortium tender, all members of the consortium) who intends to participate in the tender shall log on the electronic Procurement Platform of Hubei Trading Group (hereinafter referred to as the "Platform") (website: to register。

4.2 After completing the registration, please log on the "Platform" from October 19, 2023 to 23:59 on October 23, 2023 (Beijing time, the same below) and download the bidding document in the bidding section。If a consortium bids, the consortium leader shall download the bidding document。If the tender documents are not downloaded from the "Platform" as required, the tenderer (" Platform ") shall reject the tender documents。

4.3 When downloading the bidding documents, the document fee must be paid 500 yuan/bid section, non-refundable after sale。

5.Submission of tender documents

5.The deadline for submission of tender documents is 09:30 on November 09, 2023

5.The bidder shall log in to the "Platform" before the bidding deadline, select the bidding section, and upload the encrypted electronic bidding document through the CA digital certificate。After the bidder completes the upload of the bid document, the "Platform" will immediately issue an electronic signature voucher to the bidder, and the delivery time shall be determined by the transmission completion time specified in the electronic signature voucher。The tenderer (" Platform ") will reject any electronic bid document that is not uploaded or encrypted after the deadline。

5.3. CA digital certificates are required for the preparation of bid documents, online submission and bid opening。For details, see the portal (" Platform "- Help Center - CA Processing).。

6.Bid-related matters

The bid inviter shall not organize site survey of the project and shall not hold a bid preparatory meeting。

Seven.Bid evaluation method

The tender evaluation method adopts the comprehensive scoring method。

8.Medium by which announcements are made

The tender announcement is also posted on the electronic procurement platform of Hubei Trading Group (website: http://ec),China Tendering Public Service Platform (cebpubservice).com)The official website of Hubei Exchange Wuhan Investment Co., LTD. (。

9.Contact information

Tenderer: Hubei Hanjiang Ten Bridge Construction Management Co., LTD

Address: 3rd Floor, Unit 2, Building 15, HSBC Enterprise Tiandi, Qiaokou District, Wuhan, Hubei Province

Contact: Ms. Xia


Bidding agent: Hubei Huatong Engineering Consulting Co., LTD

Address: 34th Floor, Guangming Center, West Tower, Hubei Exchange Building, No. 28, Sixin Avenue, Hanyang District, Wuhan

Contact: Ms. Zhao


October 18, 2023                                  

Appendix to Tender Announcement:

Appendix 1 Qualification Conditions (Minimum Qualification Requirements)

Minimum qualification requirements

Must also have:

1, hold a valid business license;

(2) Valid qualification certificate of construction engineering quality testing institution issued by the construction administrative authority or comprehensive qualification certificate of construction engineering quality testing institution or special qualification certificate of construction engineering quality testing institution (bridge and underground engineering) or valid comprehensive Class A qualification certificate of highway engineering test testing issued by the transportation authority or its entrusted competent authority or bridge tunnel workersProcess special qualification certificate;

3. Qualification certificate issued by an effective market regulator (including the Qualification certificate (CMA) issued by the original provincial and above quality and technical supervision department)。

Appendix 2 Qualification Conditions (Minimum performance Requirements)

Minimum performance requirement

In the past 10 years (from January 1, 2013 to the deadline of submission of documents), I independently undertook a project of construction monitoring and technical services for arch Bridges with a span of more than 200m。

Note: The notice of award or the scanned copy of the contract shall be provided. If the scanned copy of the contract cannot prove the above contents, the scanned copy of the owner or the employer's certification materials shall be provided。 

Appendix 3 Eligibility Conditions (Minimum financial Requirements)

Financial minimum

The bidder shall provide external audited financial and accounting statements for the recent 3 years (2020-2022), including balance sheet, cash flow statement, profit and profit distribution statement, etc。(If the supplier is established less than the specified year, it shall provide the financial and accounting statements since its establishment)。

Appendix 4 Qualification Conditions (Minimum personnel Requirements)

Minimum personnel requirement

The project leader must also have:

1, with senior titles and above;

2, hold test inspection engineer or test inspection engineer certificate (including bridge or bridge tunnel professional);

3. In the past 10 years (from January 1, 2013 to the deadline for submission of documents), I served as the project leader of a bridge construction monitoring project。

Technical leader must have: senior and senior titles;

Note: 1. The project leader shall provide the corresponding contract agreement or the scanned copy of the performance certification materials issued by the owner (the original employer), which must reflect the name and position of the personnel;2. The technical person in charge shall provide the scanning copy of ID card and title certificate。3. The above personnel shall provide the labor contract and the social security department's social security payment record for any consecutive 3 months from April 2023 to now。

Appendix 5 Eligibility Criteria (Minimum reputation Requirements)

Minimum reputation requirement

The bidder shall also have:

1. The bidder is not in the state of being ordered to suspend business;

2. The bidder is not in a state of property takeover or bankruptcy;

3. The bidder has not been expressly prohibited from participating in the bidding by the competent authority of the industry or other departments with the right to make penalties, and is currently in the penalty period;

4. The bidder shall not have the following bad conditions or bad credit history:

(1) In the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity system ( is included in the list of seriously illegal and dishonest enterprises;

(2) On the "China Executive Information Disclosure Website" ( is included in the list of persons subject to enforcement for dishonesty;

(3) The bidder or its legal representative or the person in charge of the project to be appointed has committed a crime of bribery in the past three years;

(4) Other information on the Credit China website ( is listed as "punishment for breach of trust", and is prohibited from participating in bidding according to the requirements of joint punishment。

Note: Bidder statement (see bid document format)

Main person in charge (Project leader) of the Tenderer or its bidding agency: Zhao Yiyuan (Signature)

Tenderer or its bidding agency: Hubei Huatong Engineering Consulting Co., LTD. (Signature)

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