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100 days of hard work | new progress!The Budweiser Bridge was successfully dismantled, and the Jianghan Ten Bridge Project ran out of the construction "acceleration".

Source: Trading Wuhan Investment Release time: October 11, 2023 Views: 296

In the early morning of October 11, with the last span beam plate of the main bridge being smoothly lifted away, the demolition work of Budweiser Bridge won the first battle, nearly 10 days ahead of the planned demolition period, which marked the important progress of the Jianghan Tenth Bridge project, and gained valuable time for the construction of the lower pile foundation of the subsequent bridge。

The Budweiser Bridge is a 4-lane, 14-span bridge with a total length of 284.At 08m, due to the conflict between its geographical location and the new Jianghan Tenth Bridge, it is necessary to dismantle the Budweiser Bridge that crosses the three-ring line. The demolition work is the key node of the entire project and the focus of security control, which has attracted much attention from the society。During the National Day holiday, Jianghan Ten Bridge Project Company adhering to the spirit of "construction and construction do not close, adhere to the first line to ensure progress", organized the construction unit to implement the three-shift work system, sank the first line, respectively at the demolition of Bridges, traffic diversion points stationed command, and promote the project construction "accelerate and run fast".。

Before the Budweiser Bridge was demolished

After the successful demolition of the Budweiser Bridge

In order to ensure the smooth completion of the task on schedule, Jianghan Ten Bridge Project Company has organized and held several traffic control coordination meetings for road construction。On the one hand, experts from all parties are invited to repeatedly deduce and demonstrate the bridge demolition plan, and formulate a traffic organization plan according to the traffic restriction sections and vehicle passing laws during the construction period, optimize the temporary isolation measures and the configuration of road network induction signs, and minimize the road closure time to ensure the safe and orderly diversion of vehicles。On the other hand, the construction unit is organized to optimize the construction process, follow the construction principle of "first protection before construction, first upper part after lower part", and adopt the method of "static cutting after lifting and dismantling" to reduce dust pollution。At the same time, the responsibility for safety production should be tightened, safety technology disclosure should be carried out at different levels, dispatchers and equipment operators should be organized and instructed to carry out field investigations, and a safe, environmentally friendly and orderly construction environment and strong technical support should be provided。

"The smooth implementation of the demolition operation of the main beam of the Budweiser Bridge in the Jianghan Ten Bridge project greatly improved morale, excited people, effectively ensured the orderly progress of the bridge construction according to the original plan, and accumulated valuable experience for the subsequent construction safety and smooth work.。Project company deputy general manager Zhan Baohua said。Next, Jianghan Ten Bridge Project Company will continue to maintain the work style of striving to be the first and forge ahead, strive to promote the project construction speed and efficiency with the work attitude of daring, good, brave and able to fight, successfully complete the annual goals and tasks, and contribute to the "double hundred billion" goal of the Group company。

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