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The Guyi North project strengthens the construction management of rotary bridge and builds a solid "double line" of quality and safety during the "double section"

Source: Trading Wuhan Investment Release time: September 28, 2023 Views: 249

The rotating bridge construction of Guyi North Project, which is invested and constructed by Hubei Investment Group and managed by Wuhan Investment Company, is the key control project of the whole project。The construction section spans Shanghai-Chengdu Railway and Handan Railway, and the construction period is long and difficult。The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day are approaching. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project construction, Guyi North Project Company attaches great importance to the construction management of rotary bridge, takes fine management as the starting point, constantly innovates the management system, strengthens the technical support, implements the quality and safety, takes multiple measures at the same time, and resolutely defends the red line of project safety and the bottom line of quality。

We will improve the efficiency of project supervision and strengthen supervision and handling。This year's "Double Festival" is not only the "golden Week" of national celebration, but also the "golden period" of construction.。In view of the characteristics of the rotating bridge construction, such as strong professionalism, complex technology, multi-unit collaborative work, and large safety risks,The project company follows the principle of "one case a day",We will strictly strengthen construction management,According to construction machinery, labor equipment, climate conditions and other factors,Precise pendulum (shop) monthly and weekly promotion plan,The person in charge of the construction supervision unit is required to take the initiative to move forward and get started in person,Focus on the control of site protection, off-site (in-line) operations, road materials (materials) stacking and other key links。Strengthen the supervision of construction operations before the "double section", and strengthen the supervision of important links such as the approval of card control schemes and on-site monitoring (construction)。

Strict construction quality standards, to create high-quality municipal projects。In order to ensure the overall construction quality of the rotary bridge, the project company took the "Quality Month" activity as an opportunity to organize the participating units to carry out the bridge construction quality exchange meeting, further analyze and summarize the common phenomena in the construction, and further avoid the occurrence of common quality problems。Before the double section, the management personnel were organized to supervise the front line for many times, guide the construction of the pile foundation under the bridge on site, and cooperate with the field operators to test the indicators of the final hole to ensure that the quality of the project entity and appearance meet the standard requirements, and strive to create a high-quality municipal project。

Comprehensively consolidate the safety responsibility and build a strong line of safety production。In the face of the current situation of heavy and difficult construction of rotary bridge, the project company, in accordance with the principle of "no change in goal, no change in task (reduce), and no slack in work", increased the management of safety production work before the "double section", and made detailed deployment from the implementation of safety responsibilities, hidden danger investigation and rectification, risk management and control, and emergency plans。Organize project management personnel to conduct a comprehensive investigation of construction safety and fire safety, set people, set time and set measures for inspection problems, form a closed loop of rectification, make every effort to ensure safe production during holidays, and strictly build a strong line of safety production。

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