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Guan Liang to the company's various projects to carry out festival safety and environmental protection and comprehensive maintenance of stability inspection

Source: Trading Wuhan Investment Release time: September 30, 2023 Views: 357

In order to effectively do a good job of the company's "Mid-Autumn Festival" and "National Day" safety production and environmental protection work, prevent and resolve the company's comprehensive treatment risks, on September 29, Guan Liang, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Wuhan Investment Company, led a team to carry out safety and environmental protection and comprehensive treatment and stability inspection and supervision of the company's projects, and condolences to the project front-line personnel。Company party committee member, chief engineer Cao Chunsheng, Party committee member, chief accountant Li Jibin, deputy general manager Zou Tian, chief planner Liu Yuhui accompanied the inspection。

Ten Bridges in Jianghan project,The inspection team went deep into the construction site of pier 4 of the main bridge,Check the safety of pile foundation construction,Guide the project to take autumn flood prevention measures of Hanjiang River;One road project in Gutian,The inspection team carefully inspected the construction of L22 joint cast-in-place beam in the third bid section,Supervise the project to do a good job in site safety management;Project in Green Innovation Center,The inspection team inquired in detail about the installation and disassembly of large machinery and equipment,Required to do a good job in the field of large-scale machinery and equipment management;The National Cotton project,The inspection team inspected the construction of pile foundation on site,For the complex environment around the project,The inspection team requires the project to strengthen the monitoring of the surrounding environment,Reduce the impact on the surrounding environment。

Guan Liang thanked the project staff for their efforts to accelerate the construction of the project and fully affirmed the results achieved。Guan Liang pointed out that the current period is the key period of the company's "100 days of hard work", and the projects should focus on the annual target and go all out to contribute to the realization of the Group's "double hundred billion" goal。Guan Liang stressed,First, it is necessary to raise awareness and strictly implement the responsibility for production safetySafety is the premise of development, we must deeply understand the importance of safe production to achieve the annual production target;Second, it is necessary to strengthen management and implement various safety precautionsIt is necessary to deeply learn the lessons of recent domestic and foreign safety accidents, pay close attention to the impact of recent heavy rainfall on the project, and be sure to do a good job of construction site safety management while seizing the construction period;The third is to strengthen duty and do a good job in emergency managementIt is necessary to strictly implement the duty system of leading cadres, strengthen emergency rescue teams and material preparation, and seriously implement information reporting requirements。

Members of the leading team of each subsidiary and persons in charge of each project participating unit participated in the inspection。

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