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Lu Jun and his party went to the green innovation project to investigate and supervise the safety production and industrial development work before the holiday

Source: Trading Wuhan Investment Release time: September 28, 2023 Views: 346

On September 28, Lu Jun, Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Hubei Investment Group, went to the Yangtze River International Green Innovation Center project of Wuhan Investment Company to investigate and supervise the work of safety production and real estate decentralization, and kindly visited the front-line cadres and workers。Group company party committee member, deputy general manager Yang Zhibo, Party committee member Zhan Jianhui accompanied the research。

At the site of the green innovation project, Lu Jun and his party had a detailed understanding of the project's safety production, engineering progress and sales decentralization, and affirmed the work arrangement of Wuhan Investment Company's full staff sinking to the front line and fighting for 100 days。Lu Jun pointed out that the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday is coming, it is the golden season of real estate sales, to further strengthen confidence, seize the opportunity, seize the momentum, and accelerate the construction and sales of projects。First, compaction responsibility to ensure safety。Strengthen the main responsibility for safety production, resolutely put an end to carelessness and paralysis, pay close attention to key links such as high-altitude work and foundation pit construction, increase the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, and create a stable and harmonious atmosphere。The second is to overcome difficulties and grasp production。Focus on the delivery of the first phase of the house, reverse the construction nodes, strengthen site control, do a good job of stage acceptance, truly create a model project, improve the quality and quality of the project。Third, go all out to promote marketing。In the current low tide of real estate, earnestly grasp the promotion activities during the festival, vigorously create project heat, take multiple measures to promote sales, ensure the cash flow safety of enterprises, and constantly improve the visibility and reputation of Hubei real estate brand in Wuhan。

The heads of relevant departments of the group company, the main heads of the Central South Institute Group and Wuhan Investment Company participated in the investigation and inspection。

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