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Two certificates are ready, Wuhan investment company National cotton factory project Comprehensively promote project construction

Source: Trading Wuhan Investment Release time: September 28, 2023 Views: 353

On September 28, 2023, the Wuhan Investment Company National Cotton Factory project successfully obtained the construction license。The project has been on September 12 to obtain the construction project planning permit, as of now, the national cotton plant project two certificates are complete, marking the project officially entered the comprehensive construction stage。

The Second National Cotton Factory project is located in the Yangyuan area in the second Ring Road of Wuchang District, connected with rail transit Line 5 and Line 10, adjacent to Wuchang Binjiang and Xudong Business District, with obvious location advantages and complete supporting facilities around, with a total construction area of 143,280 square meters, committed to creating an ecological creative city living function area of Wuchang Binjiang。This project is the first time for Wuhan Investment Company to enter the middle and high-end residential market in Wuhan, which is in line with the strategic positioning of the Group company to deeply cultivate Wuhan。At the same time, it is united with Wuhan Urban Construction Group to form complementary advantages, which has great strategic significance for the group company to further integrate into the urban development of Wuhan。

In the next stage, under the leadership of Wuhan Investment Company, the National cotton Plant project Company will anchor the target, reverse the schedule, pay close attention to nodes, speed up efficiency, build a safe production line, and strive to create high-quality projects and contribute to the high-quality development of the company。

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