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Battle line tribute National Day | project pioneers (2)

Source: Trading Wuhan Investment Release time: September 28, 2023 Views: 300

"Ensure the completion of the construction of Block D by December 30, 2023!","Ensure the completion of the construction of Lot A by January 30, 2024!"...On the afternoon of September 27th,The participants of the green innovation project of Wuhan Investment Company have set up a military warrant in the sandtable exercise of "100 days of hard work",Everyone is itching,Anchor the goal of the 100-day offensive,The momentum of the green project to the annual business objectives to press ahead。

At the sandtable promotion meeting in full swing, Comrade Gong Jinshu, head of the LvChuang Company's guarantee delivery building storming group, led the project management team and the participating parties to work together, break through the difficulties, and ensure the completion of the delivery of the storming task。As he said, "Party members should fight on the front lines.,Be the 'vanguard soldier' who dares to fight hard.",As a member of the Communist Party for 19 years,He stayed true to his original intention,We will give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of party members,Deeply rooted in the project line,Lead team members to continuously overcome difficulties,Contribute to the completion of the goals and tasks of the green innovation project。

Face up to difficulties and fight bravely。From a blueprint to a fine piece, it's never easy。"All parties involved in the project are a whole, and we must put problems together, think about problems, and solve problems," Gong Jinshu often stressed。In order to promote the improvement of municipal supporting facilities around the green innovation project and solve the problem of natural gas supply pipeline, as a front-line manager, he went to Wuhan Natural Gas Company for many times, communicated and coordinated with various parties, obtained understanding and support, successfully solved the natural gas problem, and effectively promoted the progress of municipal supporting construction。

Strive for excellence to build quality。Do a line, to drill a line, fine line。13 years of project front-line work experience, the "professional norms" deeply engraved in Gong Jinshu's bones。He often thinks deeply and repeatedly about the general layout of the project and the aerial photos of the image progress, makes early warning of the progress, makes adjustments to the configuration, and refines the nodes, and standardizes the management behavior of each participant with standardized processes such as progress visualization and template guide。At the construction site, the most he said was: "The details are not solid, the earth is shaking.。"The biggest risk point for this leakage hazard is the outside window,He made strict requirements from three aspects: raw materials, technical preparation and batch construction specifications,The high standard is specifically implemented in the details of the hardware sample, the fixing method of the construction template and the plug joint standard,Make sure to eliminate hidden dangers in the process,To build the best with ingenuity,Show responsibility。

Dedicated to safety。As the executive deputy leader of Green Innovation project safety production management leading group,He kept the "safety" string tight,Always adhere to the standard first-class,Lead the team out, learn to come in,Do a good project status check yourself,Explore the landing plan of the target;Use evaluation to promote change,To "safe and civilized construction Chutian Cup" as the goal,Actively strive for the honorary title of safety civilization,Constantly summarize experience and problems,Compacting foundation and filling short board。Since the construction of the green project,Won the "Wuhan Safe and civilized Construction mobile Red Flag Construction Site", "Jiangcheng Ten civilized Construction Site", "Wuhan Civilized Construction Red Flag Site", "Wuhan Construction Safety production Standardization Demonstration Site" and other honorary titles,And has completed the "safe and civilized Chutian Cup" information declaration and on-site review work。

"Sincere determination to move forward, although far will reach" is the code of conduct he has always upheld, "solving problems and attacking difficulties" is his day-to-day work norm in the project line, "performing duties and good deeds" is his role model based on the position。Now the trading group and the Wutou company have sounded the vanguard for 100 days,The project construction team led by Gong Jinshu will, as always, work together and struggle hard,Turn planning drawings into construction drawings,Cast the floor plan into a masterpiece,With hard work to achieve the business objectives and then breakthrough,Strive for total victory in the 100-day battle,Contribute to the high quality development of Wuhan Investment Company。

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