Party and mass discipline inspection

Take the case as a reference to build a clean marshal Zhong Changming -- Wuhan Investment company to carry out knowledge training of Party discipline and regulations and "to the case" warning education activities

Source: Trading Wuhan Investment Release time: September 26, 2023 Views: 327

Recently, a team of discipline inspection was dispatched to organize all middle management personnel of Wuhan Investment Company to carry out knowledge training of Party discipline and regulations and warning education activities of "case statement", further strengthen the construction of the company's party conduct and clean government, and effectively enhance the company's cadres and employees' awareness of discipline, integrity and law and discipline。

Event in progress,Discipline inspection group based on reality,In the form of animation short films, the author vividly interprets the background, significance, key contents, illegal acts and the applicable key contents of the "Law of the People's Republic of China on Administrative Punishments for Public Officials",Combined with the negative typical cases in the system in recent years, the interpretation is carried out,The participants have a more systematic understanding of the content of the Administrative Punishment Law,Have an in-depth understanding of how to regulate their own behavior and correctly exercise their authority。

All the staff also carried out the Party discipline knowledge test。Everyone said that this activity is not only a thematic learning class of Party discipline and regulations, but also a thought-provoking warning education class。In the future, we will strengthen the study of Party discipline and regulations, take the case as a reference, and be alert to the contrast, and keep clean and set an example in our work。

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