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Battle line dedication National Day | decisive battle 100 days to protect the goal, green innovation in action

Source: Trading Wuhan Investment Date: September 22, 2023 Views: 501

In order to go all out to ensure the company's annual production and operation targets,Adhere to problem-oriented, result-oriented,Focus on the shortcomings and bottlenecks that affect the company's high-quality development and project advancement,The Party branch of the green creation company has set up six "jam neck problem" attack groups,Green project leadership team personally "hang out", forward command,The vanguard of party members and technical backbone followed by the joint attack, wall map combat,Focus on the key tasks and nodes such as the signing of the school, the progress of the guaranteed delivery of the building, and the completion of the annual marketing target,We will give full play to the role of guiding and empowering Party building,Cohesive working force,Continue to play a good role in overcoming difficulties,Put a lot of effort into it,Some results have been achieved。

Construction of primary schools to promote contract delivery

As one of the supporting projects of the green innovation project, the transfer agreement of the allocated primary school has not landed due to various reasons。The "Key group for the construction of primary schools" is led by the planning and design Department of Green Creation Company,Aggregate target,Find the right direction,Many times with the Jiangan District, Yangtze River New Area management Committee and education departments to negotiate docking,Discuss the plan,Finally determined the "Changchun Department" brand school construction standards and transfer methods,It provides a strong support for enhancing the quality of the project and helping the marketing to go。Changjiang International Green Innovation Center has become the first high-quality project in the Yangtze River New Area to introduce the "Changchun" education brand, creating a high-quality education business card for the Yangtze River New Area。The primary schools will be built in accordance with the "turnkey" project standards, and the handover is expected to be completed in October 2024。

Yangtze River International Green Innovation Center ancillary primary school under construction

Yangtze River International Green Innovation Center with a primary school effect

Ensure the construction of high-quality projects

"Where there is a goal, there is a direction,Action leads to results.",This is the deputy general manager of the green creation company, "guarantee the building of the key team" leader Gong Jinshu often said,In order to effectively guarantee the follow-up of green innovation project completion of the delivery node,He led the team of all party members and cadres and technical backbone sinking line, inverted plan, scientific deployment,Break down your goals into monthly and weekly tasks,Form a battle map and a list of responsibilities,Urge each work point of the project to seize the clock,Construction work is in full swing。

The "Guarantee of building" team is led by the engineering management Department of Luchuang Company, and the members of the team adhere to the technical research on the difficult problems encountered in the project construction process, and work with the construction unit to track the construction process, regularly check, correct and rectify, seize the progress, grasp the quality and efficiency, and strive to create quality projects。Up to now, the main structure of the ACD plot of the Green Innovation project has been completed, and has successively won the honorary titles of "Jiangcheng Top Ten Civilized Construction Sites", "Wuhan Civilized Construction Red Flag Site", "Wuhan Construction Safety Production Standardization Demonstration Site" and so on。

Guarantee the building storming group meeting

Green innovation project construction panorama

Marketing de-marketing strives to secure cash flow

The "Marketing dechemical Research team" is led by the marketing planning Department of Luchuang Company,Facing the real estate industry cyclical contraction of the situation of marketing problems,The group keeps an eye on the annual sales revenue target,Compaction responsibility,Go all out,Focus on market changes,Increase efforts to expand customers,Expand sales channels,Overcome practical difficulties such as incomplete supporting facilities around the project,To break through the siege against the trend。Now through the planning of timely marketing promotion activities, integration of existing media resources to achieve new media platform refresh and upgrade, deepening channel side cooperation to increase the amount of video, according to the market situation to enrich the sale of product lines and batch release of special housing and other measures, to achieve the project de-flow rate continues to increase。Up to now, 67 sets of green innovation projects have been subscribed and 56 sets have been signed。From June to September this year, the Green Creation project has been ranked first in the trading volume of the Chenjiaji plate in the Yangtze River New Area for four consecutive months, and the next step will focus on the "100-day sprint" program requirements to ensure the completion of the annual target。

Changjiang International Green Innovation Center marketing activities

For the implementation of the Group company "fighting 100 days.,Sprint double hundred billion "and Wuhan Investment company" 100 days sprint "target requirements,Green innovation company will shoulder the responsibility,Compaction task,Continue to transform the learning results of thematic educational activities into the driving force for high-quality development,Focus on key tasks and nodes,To give up my who, fighting spirit and enterprising spirit,Give full play to the leading role of party building and the vanguard role of party members,In the 100-day battle of the decisive battle to show new action,Ensure that all critical tasks are completed on schedule。

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