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Battle line tribute National Day | project pioneers (1)

Source: Trading Wuhan Investment Release time: September 21, 2023 Views: 469

The Times call for duty, and responsibility needs to be taken up。There are such a group of people, they are in the strategic layout of the key projects to overcome difficulties, in the hot practice of production and management persistent practice, in the era of reform and development journey to explore。In order to effectively solve the difficulties and problems in the promotion of the project,Fully ensure the development of enterprises,They are under the leadership of the company's party committee,Grab the time limit, ensure safety, attack difficult points,Always stick to the first line of the project construction site,Fulfill one's duty,Selfless dedication,Carry forward the fine style of hard work and dedication,Promote the efficient construction of the project,Present gifts to the motherland with diligence and hard work,They are the vanguard of Wuhan Investment Company project。This issue takes you into the Hubei investment Wuhan Investment company project vanguard Zuo Chao story。

September 19, 4:17 a.m,With the construction site a sentence "Budweiser Bridge 12th span hoisting completed.,Now for road clearing.",Zuo Chao comrade ended the construction night duty work,The hanging heart also temporarily let down,Such a picture is only a microcosm of Zuo Chao's daily work since the demolition of the Budweiser Bridge。The demolition of Budweiser Bridge is the controlling project of Jianghan Tenth Bridge project. The successful completion of the demolition plays a crucial role in the subsequent construction of the project and the successful completion of the annual target tasks of the project。

As the "big parent" of the engineering management department of the Hanjiang Ten Bridges Project Company, Comrade Zuo Chao led the team to fight against the high temperature and walk with sweat, their goals were clear, their faith was firm, they always stuck to their posts and fought hard。As a veteran party member, he always adheres to self-discipline in his work, goes deep into the front line, works solidly, actively plays the vanguard and exemplary role of Communist Party members, and makes his own contribution to promoting the sustainable development of project construction。

Lifting operation of Budweiser Bridge demolition construction site

Zuo Chao supervises the site hoisting operation

Give in the ordinary。"I'm not leaving, it's okay, work can't be delayed", this is the most heard words on the eve of the holiday。Every holiday, Comrade Zuo Chao is always the one who voluntarily stays。Project construction does not stop, fighting the frontline of production, in the key period of project construction promotion, he can always take the lead。Under his leadership, the entire engineering department condensed the strong combat effectiveness of "overcoming difficulties and daring to win" and ran out of the "acceleration" of project construction.。

Take responsibility。Zuo Chao also serves as the minister of the Safety and Environmental Protection Department of the project company. Since taking office, he has been not just talking, seeking truth and pragmatism, grasping safety, grabbing progress and ensuring quality。He firmly established the work concept of "safety first, quality oriented", and the word often hung on his lips is "dry engineering, safety and quality, not a bit careless".。During the demolition of Budweiser Bridge, in order to implement the safety management of the site, he often worked overtime until late at night, led the team to constantly strengthen the quality control of the whole construction process, implement the quality "three inspection" system, and strictly implement the design documents, technical regulations, and standard requirements。To ensure the safe and smooth demolition of the Budweiser Bridge。

Fight through difficult situations。In order to seize the progress and guarantee the node, in the face of the difficult "hard bone" in the construction of the Budweiser Bridge demolition project, Comrade Zuo Chao did not avoid, did not retreat, and dared to fight it out。In view of the difficulties such as tight construction period, heavy tasks, high risk, and complex cross-operation, I actively led the department staff to command the station, implemented the three-shift work system, carefully inspected every corner of the site, and organized the department staff to summarize the experience and lessons in time according to the actual construction situation of the project。Strengthen communication and coordination with local residents, traffic police, road traffic management departments, and municipal administrative departments, and hold more than 10 project coordination meetings. It is this spirit of "desperately Sanang" that successfully opened up the blocked links, solved the practical difficulties restricting the project, and ensured the stable progress of the project。

"Mission in the heart, responsibility in the shoulder, act in line", this is Zuo Chao comrade's own requirements, but also the spirit and mission of thousands of people。Next, all the staff of Hanjiang Ten Bridge Project Company will be full of energy, seize the progress, speed up the project construction, and present a gift to the motherland with responsibility and endeavour。

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