Party and mass discipline inspection

Wuhan Investment Company held a joint meeting of the coordination group of Party style and clean government construction and anti-corruption work

Source: Trading Wuhan Investment Release time: September 20, 2023 Views: 413

On September 19, the Group Discipline Inspection Commission dispatched a group of discipline inspectors to organize a joint meeting of the Wuhan Investment Company's Party style clean government construction and anti-corruption work coordination group。

会议传达学习了《老葡萄京官网》相关内容、省纪委监委关于5起省属国有企业“靠企吃企”典型案例通报以及集团公司“清廉交投”建设文件和党风廉政建设与反腐败工作协调小组联席会议精神,Listened to the member units supervision and inspection and daily management of problem risk disposal。A team of discipline inspectors notified the feedback of superior inspections since this year, political ecological research and judgment, special rectification of prominent problems in state-owned enterprises and engineering construction, and put forward opinions and suggestions on rectification work。

The meeting requires that all member unitsHigh political position, unity of thought and understanding。Establish the idea of "a game of chess", integrate the key supervision tasks of the department into the company's production and operation work, promote the concretization, precision and normalization of supervision, timely detect and correct deviations, effectively open up the difficulties in the implementation of the company's central work, and ensure that the implementation is not biased, flexible, and not out of shape。We should strengthen our responsibility and take the initiative to perform our duties。In view of key areas and prominent problems, take the initiative to investigate risks, respond to and prevent classified, take prominent problems in the field of state-owned enterprises and engineering construction, "do not take action", and violate the rules of "eating and drinking" and other special remediation work as the starting point, grasp early and small, implement various tasks, and provide a strong guarantee for the high-quality development of the company。We should strengthen communication and coordination to form synergy in supervision。Give full play to the coordinating role of the coordination group, earnestly implement the work requirements of functional departments to inform the dispatched discipline inspection team of important matters, strengthen information communication between member units, so as to move forward the supervision threshold, and form a work pattern of "horizontal to the edge, vertical to the end, department cooperation, and system linkage"。

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