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Source: Trading Wuhan Investment Release time: August 30, 2023 Views: 901

按照湖北交投集团党委部署要求,8月30日下午,老葡萄京官网党委召开学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想主题教育专题民主生活会,湖北交投集团党委副书记罗泽华到会指导。The company's party secretary, chairman Guan Liang presided over the meeting, the company's party committee team members attended the meeting。

会前,All the team members of the company participated in the pre-meeting learning of the theme education theme democratic life and the 7th Party Committee theoretical learning Center Group (expanded) learning meeting,Exchange and discussion were carried out around typical cases of corporate theme education,And by engaging in heart-to-heart conversation,Highlight the problem in six aspects,特别是对照习近平总书记关于以学铸魂、以学增智、以学正风、以学促干的12条具体要求,Comprehensive review of inspection problems,Lay a solid foundation for a good democratic life。

At the meeting, Guan Liang carried out control inspection on behalf of the Party committee leadership, and took the lead in making a personal control inspection speech, and other members of the party committee team combined with their own work reality one by one control inspection, focusing on the in-depth analysis of the problem, digging deep, criticizing each other straight to the point, pointing to the problem, the implementation of rectification measures are clear, concrete and pragmatic。

Luo Zehua commented on the special democratic meeting。He pointed out that the meeting examined the problem deeply and accurately, the mutual criticism was serious and serious, and the rectification measures were practical and effective, which was a serious and serious intra-party political life, and a real and hard party spirit exercise, which achieved the effect of gathering strength and refreshing。

In view of the challenges facing the current development of Wuhan Investment Company, Luo Zehua stressed that it is necessary to further unify the thinking, strengthen confidence, and stimulate the spirit, and explore the path, find countermeasures, and implement the democratic life through this meeting, and effectively promote breakthroughs in important and difficult issues。First, we must speak clearly about politics, strengthen our ideals and convictions, and cast a strong spirit of loyalty。We will further strengthen the construction of leading groups and cadres, strive to enhance our ability to promote high-quality development, serve the people, and prevent and defuse risks, constantly improve the three political capabilities, and continue to deepen, internalize and transform learning。Second, we must persevere in rectification, adhere to problem-oriented, and strengthen our responsibility。The relevant problems will be pulled out of the rectification list, the rectification plan will be formulated, the rectification implementation will be promoted in one body, the relevant system will be established and improved in a timely manner, and the rectification implementation effect will be consolidated and adhered to。The third is to continue to change the style of work, adhere to the bottom line of integrity, and carry forward the wind of integrity。Further consolidate the responsibility of "one post and two responsibilities", greatly promote the pragmatic wind, continue to boost the spirit of striving for the first place, and continue to vigorously promote the landing of various tasks of theme education。After the meeting, a meeting should be held at an appropriate time to inform the relevant situation, and a situation report should be submitted in a timely manner。

Guan Liang said that the members of the leadership team of Wuhan Investment Company will take this democratic life as a new starting point, consolidate and deepen the achievements of theme education, and contribute to the realization of the Group's "tens of thousands" goals and "three-year doubling Plan" with a higher political position, stronger political ability and greater responsibility。First, strengthen political responsibility and deepen theoretical armament.To ensure that the decisions and arrangements of the Party Central Committee, the provincial Party Committee and Hubei Trading Group are implemented in an unmitigable manner。The second is to highlight the problem oriented, strictly carry out rectification,Promote the high-quality development of the company with real rectification results。Third, improve the long-term mechanism, consolidate the rectification results,The results of the rectification will become an important force for strengthening Party building and promoting reform and development。Fourth, focus on key work, do a good job of combining articles,Through the "turn" idea, "turn" ability, "turn" track, focus on the development of Wuhan metropolitan area, expand the layout of high-quality new projects, and achieve sustainable and healthy development。

Heads of relevant departments of the group company attended the meeting for guidance, and other members of the company's management team and heads of relevant departments attended the meeting。(Contributed by Chen Shallow, Party and Mass Work Department)

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