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Gutian First Road North Section (Changyun Road ~ Jinyin Hunan Street) Project Qiaokou section Traffic relief plan preparation service project (second) public solicitation announcement

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The traffic relief plan preparation service project of Qiaokou Section of Gutian 1st Road North (Changyun Road ~ Jinjin Hunan Street) of Hubei Jiaoyi Construction Management Co., LTD. (Project number: HCT-16222147-233272-1) has the conditions for public solicitation,The purchaser is Hubei Exchange Guyi North Construction Management Co., LTD,We hereby entrust Hubei Tendering Co., LTD,Organize a public call for information on the project,Potential suppliers interested in this project are welcome to bid for this project。

1. Bidding conditions

The traffic relief plan preparation service project of Qiaokou Section of Gutian 1st Road North (Changyun Road ~ Jinjin Hunan Street) project has the conditions of public soliciting. The purchaser is Hubei Jiaoyi North Construction Management Co., LTD., and the project funds have been implemented。

2. Scope of tender

2.1 Project Content:

(1) Investigation and analysis of regional current road facilities and construction conditions;(2) Analysis of the impact degree of regional traffic during construction;(3) Preparation of macroscopic traffic organization plan during construction;(4) Traffic organization design of intersections and sections at different stages of the construction period (including new, demolished and relocated signs and lines),Signal light relocation and adjustment,Traffic safety facilities are set,Traffic control service allocation);(5) Evaluation of traffic organization plan during construction period;(6) Traffic facility engineering volume statistics during construction。

2.Project implementation place: the place designated by the purchaser。

2.Service period: from the signing of the Contract to the completion and acceptance of Party A's project。

2.4 Bid control price: 23.9296万元。

3. Supplier qualification requirements

3.1 Qualification Requirements:

Registered in the administrative department of Industry and Commerce of the People's Republic of China, the supplier has independent legal personality and valid business license。

3.2 Performance requirements:

The supplier has similar project performance in municipal engineering traffic organization program planning and design。(A copy of the contract agreement should be provided as proof of performance)

3.3 Personnel Requirements

(1) The project leader has an intermediate or above professional title in municipal engineering;

(2) There shall be no less than 3 members of the project team except the project leader。

Note: ① Majors related to municipal engineering include but are not limited to municipal engineering, traffic engineering, engineering surveying, road engineering, etc。

3.4 Reputation requirements:

(1) It has not been ordered to suspend business;

(2) has not been suspended or disqualified from bidding;

(3) The property has not been taken over or frozen;

(4) Since January 1, 2020, there has been no fraudulent bid or serious breach of contract or major work quality, integrity problems, not included in the "credit China" website ( trust-breaking persons subject to enforcement, major tax law and trust-breaking subjects, record list of serious illegal and trust-breaking behaviors in government procurement and the website of "Chinese Government Procurement" ( Record list of serious illegal and dishonest acts of government procurement, which has not been notified by the judicial department in the administrative punishment and administrative punishment column of the official website (subject to the time query result after the announcement of this project is issued)。The credit information query results of the above credit history of the web page print or screenshot (all must indicate the website), and issued with the legal seal or the signature of the legal representative and the company's official seal of the letter of commitment。

3.5. This tender project does not accept joint bids。

4. Precautions for obtaining documents:

4.1 Acquisition time: August 22, 2023 to August 24, 2023, 8:30-12:00 every day;14:00-17:00 (except legal holidays and holidays)。

4.2 Location: Obtain it onsite or online。

4.3 Obtaining Method:

(1) On-site acquisition: The information to be submitted at the tender offering window of Hubei Tendering Co., LTD. : The legal representative shall provide the certificate of identity of the legal representative and the ID card of the legal representative if it is obtained by the legal representative himself;If the legal representative entrusts others to collect it, the letter of authorization of the legal representative and the identity card of the trustee shall be provided。

(2) Network access: visit the official website of "Hubei Tendering Co., LTD." (, enter the "Electronic Service System", follow the "Operation Guide" to complete the acquisition。(For online registration, please call 027-87273107)

4.4 Price: RMB 500。

5. Bid closing time and bid opening time

September 1, 2023 10:00 (Beijing Time)

6. Place of submission of response documents and place of bid opening

Bid opening place: Bid Opening and Evaluation Room, No. 3-3, 3rd Floor, Industrial Bank Building, Hubei Tendering Co., LTD., 108 Zhongbei Road, Wuchang, Wuhan

Vii. Contact information of the purchaser

Purchaser: Hubei Exchange Guyi North Construction Management Co., LTD

Address: Room 303, 3 / F, Unit 1, Building 15, HSBC Enterprise World, No. 106, Interchange of Gutian 2nd Road and Changfeng Road, Changfeng Street, Qiaokou District, Wuhan

Contact: Mr. Pan

电   话:13419652735

Viii. Contact information of bidding agency

Bidding Agency: Hubei Tendering Co., LTD

Contact: Wu Tianyi, Wang Bei, Li Haiyan

Office address: 5F, Industrial Bank Building, 108 North Road, Wuchang District, Wuhan

邮   编:430071

电   话:027-87711736

9. Account information of bidding agency

Account name: Hubei Tendering Co., LTD

Opening bank: China Merchants Bank Fruit Lake Branch

行   号:308521015186

账   号:12790 54338 10603

10. Information release media

Hubei Investment Wuhan Investment Co., LTD. (

Official website of Hubei Tendering Co., LTD. (

Hubei Tendering Co., LTD

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