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Wuhan Investment Company carried out the theme Party Day activities of the joint branch of "Learning Ideas · Welcome July 1" and "Great improvement of execution"

Source: Trading Wuhan Investment Release time: June 29, 2023 Views: 1974

为推动习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想主题教育走深走实,Encourage party members and cadres to promote the implementation of the work with "great improvement of execution",To endeavor to meet the party's birthday,6月28日,The Party branch of the organ of Wuhan Investment Company and the Guyi North Party Branch carried out the theme Party Day activities of the joint branch of "Learning Ideas · Welcoming July 1" and "Great improvement of execution" at the Jianghan Ten Bridge project site,Company party secretary, chairman Guan Liang,Liu Shuzhen, a member of the Party Committee and deputy general manager, participated in the activities as an ordinary party member。

At the construction site of Pier No. 3 of the third contract section of Jianghan No. 10 Bridge Project, all Party members carefully listened to the introduction of the construction process of bridge pile foundation and bearing table of the third bid section of the construction project, visited and learned the construction technology and technological innovation of Jianghan No. 10 Bridge, and personally felt the construction scene of the scene。

In the Guyi North project conference room,To the solemn rendition of the Internationale,The Party membership oath ceremony officially began,Under the leadership of the Party secretary of the organ,两名新发展党员面向鲜红的中国共产党党旗郑重肃立,Raise your right fist and take a solemn oath,Sonorous and powerful expression of the party's lifelong struggle for the cause of the firm faith。

Guan Liang expressed warm welcome and heartfelt congratulations to the new party members who joined the organization, and encouraged everyone to keep in mind the oath to join the Party, strict self-requirements, and truly join the Party in thought and action。

Guan Liang pointed out that July 1 is the birthday of the party, and it is also the point of the whole year, the company should focus on the stability of infrastructure projects, ensure the safety of cash flow, ensure the delivery of housing, turn ideas, turn ability, turn the track, and effectively do itImprove political mastery,始终做到立场坚定、对党忠诚,持续深入开展好学习贯彻习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想主题教育,进一步坚定“两个确立”,增强“四个意识”,坚定“四个自信”,做到“两个维护”。Improve the ability to overcome difficulties,Always do real work, leapfrog the first, grasp the basis of learning, hold the opportunity for development, the quasi-management, focus on the annual target task, dare to dare to do, take the initiative to solve the problem。Enhance the ability to serve the people,Always do the body into the heart, do a good job, combined with the theme education of the wind of investigation and research, in-depth work line, project line, sales line, find ideas, find ways to do practical things, solve problems。Enhance risk prevention and control capabilities,Always adhere to the bottom line, do not touch the red line。It is necessary to strengthen the construction of style, strictly abide by the bottom line of integrity in all fields, organically unify the safety development in the whole process of the company's development in all fields, resolutely curb the occurrence of accidents, and effectively improve the efficiency of safety management。

The activity also focused on watching the Party history learning and education video "Centennial Oath", felt the historical changes of the Party oath in the past hundred years, and encouraged all Party members to exercise the party spirit in learning history and draw spiritual strength in knowing history。(Contributed by Chen Shallow, Party and Mass Work Department)

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